Slow starts and stalls happen at the most inopportune times. Are you ready for the cold winter months ahead? Delayed production, deliveries, or services cost companies many hours of wasted time and unnecessary costs each year through attempted operational adjustments and resolution.

The base initial formulation of TK7 was developed and designed to provide three main features: improve the fuel’s ignition/combustion properties, fuel system and combustion chamber detergency, and top cylinder lubricity.

In addition to the three main features , the TK7 diesel and fuel oil additives also contain pour point depressants (to lower the fuel gelling temperature) and biocide (to preserve the fuel, eliminate, and “kill” bacterial contamination).

An independent test was conducted by Southwell Laboratory in Oklahoma City, OK to determine the multi-functional additive’s effect on reducing a base diesel fuel’s pour point. The challenge was to test the additive’s ability to reduce the pour point of a diesel fuel with an already low pour point (i.e., -7/ F), and do this at various additive dosages.

The results of this test showed the additive’s dosage curve and determined that when the concentrated pour point depressant is used in the TK7 multi-functional additive in a very small dosage, it can be very effective (e.g. as shown when used at a dosage of 1:15,000).