With over 20 years of engineering and project management experience, we help clients optimize operations for growth and profitability.  Our solutions are designed with one goal in mind – to help our clients make more money.  We do this every day by improving uptime and revenue per asset and by lowering operating costs.

We have spent years on the development and implementation of automation to help clients optimize performance.  Our patented dosing system is designed to prevent siphoning, prevent spills, and prevent fuel dosing errors.

It is designed to automate dosing so that drivers and equipment operators do not have to measure, handle the product, or pour product into a tank.  In short, it makes dosing easy and error free.

Designed for over a million cycles with stainless steel construction throughout, these systems are designed for the long haul. We provide a 5-year unlimited warranty, but the systems are built to last for many years longer.  The automation is able to be moved to a new truck or new tank as equipment is retired.

The TK7 Products fuel nanotechnology can be used to power an engine without any base fuel needed.  However, you don’t want to waste money on dosing too much or dosing too little and not getting the full benefits of the technology.

Our automated dosing solutions help companies utilize fuel nanotechnology without the hassles of manual dosing and potential errors or theft.  This allows clients to utilize fuel technology that achieves superior results while being easy to deploy.

TK7 Products has partnered with 1SHIFT Logistics to bring innovative blockchain solutions to companies that manage freight and commodities.


Shippers/brokers can manage their shipments end to end and gain valuable insights into their shipment issues in real-time, provide their customers a white glove concierge service, and get system generated notices at pick-up/drop-off with the 1SHIFT geofence features.

Starting @ $4/shipment


Designed for small or medium businesses that require the ability to dispatch shipments to any driver in the world, manage their delivery in real-time, and capture proof of delivery and commodity images all tagged with geo-location and custodian to fight fraud.

Free for First Driver


This solution offers the ability to capture GPS, temperature, humidity, tilt, light (capture when a door is open), and much more. This also includes a full offline mode to record data for a long period of time while there is no connectivity to a network.

$14 per month


Companies that have containers, waste bins, construction bins, and even agriculture mills or bins can benefit from these IOT devices. Simple self-install in minutes. Login and get readings of fill levels, location, trends, and tilt/movement to get notified if the bin is being dumped, moved or even stolen.

Starting at $40/month

We provide engineering, project leadership, and project management resources to help companies achieve amazing results.  As an example, TK7 Products helped a client reduce operating costs by over $2.8M per year and provided project leadership and implementation support to ensure success.

Our co-founder, Andy Hedrick, is an Industrial Engineer who has led major initiatives with publicly-traded companies spanning Asia, Europe and North America. He has presented solutions and strategies at supply chain conferences with hundreds of interested participants in the room and has been published numerous times.

Clients have paid $2,500 per day for Andy’s expertise. We are currently offering a Free Strategy Session ($225 value) to discuss your goals and to gain competitive intelligence from field deployments.

You can learn from Andy’s deep knowledge in working with major corporations around the globe. Andy brings Industrial Engineering knowledge along with real-world experience to help clients who are looking to improve profit margins and optimize operations for growth.

TK7 Products has partnered with TBS Factoring to bring innovative financial tools to our clients.  This partnership provides financing of our nanotechnologies and automated fuel dosing systems along with freight factoring.

Transportation clients get same day pay for their invoices with TBS FactoringClients may also qualify for a financing program that allows them to purchase equipment and our fuel and oil nanotechnologies to gain savings now while paying for the solutions over time.

We provide fuel reductions of 10%-20%, oil life extension of 65%, lower emissions, fewer repairs and fuel dosing automation.  We have worked hard to make life easier for our clients and to help them make more money at the same time.

Our fuel nanotechnology was developed by an Israeli scientist and the initial use was for military drones to fly further on a tank of fuel, run cooler, and have less break downs and repairs.

The solution was later shared with the US military for drones and truck fleet operations. It has since been used in commercial operations including marine, rail, mining, oilfield and trucking. The main benefits are:

– Reduce Fuel Consumption by 10% to 20%
– Reduce Emissions by 20% to 80%
– Eliminate Diesel Particulate Filter Shutdowns
– Increase Power at the Same RPM
– Lubricate Your Top Cylinders

“in excess of 15% savings on fuel and you can see the engines are burning cleaner”

Gary G. – CEO

“50% to 100% more miles without major repairs”

Dan F. – Chief Mechanic

“making better time underway; no smoke; cleaner air for crew”

Jeff O. – Captain

“opacity emissions reduction of 49.21%”

Manuel R. – Director of Distribution

“The evidence for fuel consumption reduction is overwhelming.”

Richard A. – SAE International Book Author

“18.77% fuel reduction from the controlled field test”

Bob M. – Fleet Manager

Extend oil life by 65%

Convert base oil to far better than full synthetic

Dramatically reduce wear, heat and friction

TK7 Kool Blue is an ultra-lubricant nanotechnology that when introduced into any oil produces a mixture that becomes totally shear and viscosity stable. It combines at a molecular level and converts the petroleum base oil stock to far better than full synthetic characteristics.

Kool Blue is totally compatible with all petroleum and synthetics. When Kool Blue is introduced into a synthetic, performance of that synthetic is also greatly enhanced and stabilized. Kool Blue gives a leap of protection not available in any oil of any type regardless of cost.

TK7 Kool Blue dramatically reduces wear, friction and heat by maximizing lubricity quality and maintains its viscosity at very high temperatures. It is ashless and nonreactive to seals or plastics.

TK7 Kool Blue can be used in any type of system that is lubricated. This includes engines, transmissions, differentials, and hydraulic systems. The mix ratio for Kool Blue is 1 oz for every quart of lubricant. The performance and quality derived from oil treated with Kool Blue is cost effective compared to traditional synthetics.

Continued use of Kool Blue reduces both maintenance and fuel costs while extending oil changes at least 2000 miles over regular change intervals. This is due to Kool Blue’s proprietary chemical properties that contribute to virtually no oil volatility and resisting the thickening of all base oils. Cold pumpability is assured as the low thermal limit of this product has never been reached.

TK7 Kool Blue is yet another truly breakthrough product from TK7 Products.
This technology is available in single gallons, case quantities, and 55-gallon drums.

The price for Kool Blue is $265 per gallon and treats 128 quarts of oil. The treated price is $2.07 per quart of oil and extends oil life by 65% on average.