45 Day Field Test – Diesel – Big Rig Truck


We guarantee the following results with our fuel nanotechnology:

– 10%-20% Fuel Reduction

– 50% Average Emissions Reduction

– Fewer Emissions and Fuel System Repairs

In order to test multiple trucks, please select the appropriate quantity of field test kits. This is a 1,900 gallon fuel treatment for a big rig and comes with instructions along with opaque dosing bottles for easy use.  We provide a net savings on diesel fuel cost, even if the cost per gallon were to drop to $1.50 per gallon.

We provide a money-back guarantee on a big rig field test where you can measure the fuel economy improvement. Clients have measured 10%-20% fuel reduction using this awesome fuel nanotechnology originally developed for the military.  We guarantee a minimum of 10% fuel economy improvement.


6 Benefits In One Technology:


TK7 is the only technology on the market that provides six benefits in one product and is a fuel nanotechnology rather than an additive. Instead of buying multiple products that cost you more money and cancel the effects of each other, why not use a proven nanotechnology that combines these features in one solution?

For bulk pricing on larger quantities, please contact us. For shipping rates outside of the continental US, please contact us.



We provide you with easy dosing bottles and easy instructions for measuring your gains.  Optionally, you can also measure the emissions reduction of using TK7 Products.  In addition to the fuel economy gains, clients avoid EGR system problems and shutdowns from clogged Diesel Particulate Filters because this product reduces emissions coming off the engine by an average of 50%.

And, we have 20 lab and client case studies to prove it.  Join the movement for substantial fuel and repair savings today!


Additional information

Fuel Type

Diesel, Gasoline


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