How Two Entrepreneurs Accelerated Fuel Nanotechnology – By Sharon J. Anderson

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” says an ancient proverb. Over the past five years, Andy Hedrick and Doug Switzer, founders and partners of TK7 Products have together gone far to provide fuel and oil technologies, automation, engineering and project management services to their clients, primarily commercial fleets.

And it all began, quite literally, up in the air.

“Through a church mission project, I met a man who had been working with the military in Israel for quite a few years,” said Andy. “He was a genius who had earned a mechanical engineering degree while he was 16 years old.  The Israeli military tasked him to develop fuel nanotechnology for military drones to provide longer fuel range, clean the engines and extend engine life. When he told me about the product, I knew it was special. So I made a deal to distribute the product in North America.”

“I had a very powerful instinctual response about the product, and knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Doug. “Andy and I became partners not just because our skill sets complemented one another perfectly – which they do – but mostly because we had a product that would change the fuel industry because it changed the molecular structure of base fuel.”

“There are over 100 fuel additives on the market. This is not an additive. It’s like comparing a lawn mower to a helicopter. It’s totally different,” added Andy.

According to its website, TK7 Products have six key benefits: burning fuel more completely, reducing emissions, increasing HP per stroke, lubricating engines, coating particulate filters, and reducing repairs and downtime.  And, unlike other products, TK7 Products – of which there are 30 varieties depending on the fuel — have the testing and research to back up these benefits.

For example, Atkins & Associates, the top engine consultancy in the world, commissioned SAE engineers to a “10 Test Review” of TK7 Products and who in the end recommended:

. . . that this additive should be blended into premium fuel and marketed as a

 top-tier product. Most of the major top tier fuel companies now sell top tier fuels. This product could enhance fuel properties to such a level that the consumer would notice the difference, something that the majors have so far failed to do.

“The difference between our products and others is so significant that it’s a paradigm shift. It’s hard for people to grasp,” said Andy. Part of the reason for this are the bad experiences potential clients have had with other products that haven’t worked. Another reason is that some parts of the industry have pushed back on the advantage of fuel savings.

“The owner of a major fuel retailer actually said to me, ‘Why in the world would I want to reduce fuel?’” Doug said. “We were looking to develop a partnership to offer a new type of premium fuel product to a massive market. However, there was heavy pushback and roadblocks from the retail fuel market. So, we made the decision to work with commercial fleets directly.

According to a CCJ article (2/25/2020), TK7 Products uses a ratio of one gallon of nanotechnology per 2,000 gallons of fuel. Rather than add the mixture to fuel tanks, TK7 Products has an automated dosing system that fleets install on trucks that costs about $.149 to treat a gallon of diesel. Based on an average of 15% improvement in horsepower and fuel economy, fleets can expect a net fuel savings of $.30 per gallon. Based on the number of miles a 500-truck fleet would operate in a year, this calculates to a net fuel savings of $2.4 million.

Perhaps because success is best when shared, Andy and Doug are partnering with TBS Factoring Service, LLC to factor their products. “The owner-operator has the option of financing enough product to treat 6,000 or 12,000 gallons of fuel depending on the dosage tank they choose,” said Andy. “They are saving money even quicker because by factoring this, they are getting the fuel savings right away and paying for it over time.”

Quick. Fast. Now. Clients will not only see benefits such as these reflected on their bottom line; they will also feel them. According to Doug, “That summary statement from SAE engineers basically said that you could put your grandmother in her car with fuel enhanced by TK7 Products, and she will feel the difference the moment her foot hits the pedal. Nothing else out there does anything like that.”

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