Can green technology actually save you money?  If that technology can be tied to lower fuel consumption and drastically lower emissions with a net cost savings, the answer is yes.  The fuel reduction at a net cost savings in fuel spend is an easy hard cost savings.  The unscheduled repair savings, avoidance of field repairs, and elimination of lost revenue are added benefits that drive better profits.

When you use technology that reduces fuel and reduces emissions, you are doing the environment a favor while also reducing your operating costs.

A recent study by Harvard University linking higher COVID-19 death rates with higher emissions levels is bound to mean that more emissions regulations are on the way as well.

Health studies have shown a significant association between exposure to particle pollution and health risks, including premature death. Health effects may include cardiovascular effects such as cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks, and respiratory effects such as asthma attacks and bronchitis.

What would a proven 10%- 20% reduction in fuel and 50% average reduction in emissions from the engine mean for your hard costs savings? Is there a better place you could be using that money instead of buying more fuel, more parts, and doing expensive field repairs?

Would removing carbon from your engines and reducing the particulate matter coming off the engines have an impact on DEF, DPF replacements and engine shutdowns?

Would these changes impact your unscheduled repair costs? These are questions that many industries are pursuing in a quest to not only cut costs but to also have a healthier living environment for people living on this planet.

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