If you are looking for improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, carbon deposit removal, improved poor point, and increased lubricity, you need an additive with these compounds all included within one product.

This is an area that sets TK7 apart from other additives on the market.  Below is an outline of the multi-functional benefits you are able to achieve with TK7.  We offer a variety of products for various fuel types and specialty blends with higher levels of specific compounds such as pour point depressant or Biocide that were developed over many years in response to the needs of clients.

The following are specific features and benefits that can be achieved with the use of the TK7 products.

IGNITION IMPROVER – The primary benefit is the improved firing and burn rate, which leads to improved fuel efficiency, restoring engine power, and improved cold starts.

OXYGEN AGITATOR – A catalyst that improves and releases additional oxygen and nitrogen during combustion.

METAL DEACTIVATOR – Prevents copper and other alloys from catalyzing the oxidation process and helps to eliminate the formation of gum deposits. The De-Activator surrounds the alloys (especially copper) and renders them inactive.

ANTI-OXIDANT – This feature stabilizes the base fuel, especially lower grade fuel or fuel that is processed with higher Olefinic materials from thermal or cat cracking processes.

CORROSION INHIBITOR – This compound forms a protective film which prevents water from contacting the metal or other alloy surfaces. It works extremely well on aluminum, copper, bronze and magnesium.

DEPOSIT CONTROL – This compound helps dissolve deposits & solids, promotes molecular balance, reduces knock & after-run caused by deposits in the base fuel.

INJECTOR & CARBURETOR CLEANER – A compound, which works by solvent action to hold deposits in solution so they do not plate out. This will result in a cleaner carburetor plate or fuel injector tips & ports resulting in an improved spray pattern.

DISPERSANT – Will absorb particles and keep them suspended with the base fuel.

ANTI-ICING – Improves pour point (fuel gelling) and prevents ice formation in the carburetor throat, throttle plate and fuel lines.

COLD FLOW IMPROVER – Retards wax and crystal formation so they do not restrict fuel flow.

GENERAL DETERGENTS – Immediately reacts with the base fuel to prevent varnish and lacquer build- up in the fuel system, valves and the entire combustion chamber area.

TOP CYLINDER LUBRICANT – This benefit is a result of the burning of the formulation during combustion. The by-product of this reaction is a form of synthetic lubricant that cushions the valves & valve seats, cylinder walls and rings. This lubricant helps reduce friction, overheating, and prevents carbon build up in the combustion chamber area.

BIOCIDE – Kills and eliminate future bacterial contamination including bacteria, fungi and yeast. (The Biocide is added mainly to diesel and fuel oil additives).

The continued use of the TK7 additives helps with fuel economy, reduced emissions, carbon deposit removal, improved poor point, and increased lubricity, while reducing down time and maintenance.