TK7 Products provides breakthrough fuel and oil technologies, automation, engineering, and project management services that help clients achieve amazing results. Our outside perspective and international experience help you uncover new opportunities. And, we have the tools and know-how to help you monitor and measure improvements empirically.


We love to help clients make more money and we started TK7 Products in 2015 to accomplish that mission.  We work with clients who are looking to reduce their operating costs, improve revenue per asset, reduce repair costs, increase uptime, and increase profit margins.

The initial development of the TK7 nanotechnology was for military drones to provide longer fuel range, clean the engines, and extend engine life. The base initial formulation was developed and designed to provide three main features: improve the fuel’s ignition/combustion properties, fuel system and combustion chamber detergency, and top cylinder lubricity. Spending years of emphasis on understanding these three initial multifunctional features has enabled us to successfully develop a number of related specialty products for all types of engines and applications. Each product contains the same base formulation, however, the chemical composition ratios of each product vary, including the addition of other compounds to improve and/or enhance the performance of the base fuel used, as well as, to fit each specific engine or application. Today, TK7 Products provides 30 products including products for bulk gasoline blending, products for bulk/fleet diesel and fuel oil blending, specialty products for diesel and fuel oil bacterial contamination treatment, specialty military fuel treatment and preservation, racing fuel additives, aftermarket products, and customized products.


Our products have a wide variety of uses in all fuel-related industries. Each product is designed to provide the most value to customers whose needs have driven TK7 Products to focus on technical and service support programs and continued research.

A continued exploration of new product development, as well as modifications and improvements to current products, to fit any changes in the industries, modification to engine design, or fuel manufacturing process, has been essential to the success of TK7 Products and its customers satisfaction. Working closely with customers who have specific needs, and to whom TK7 Products provides service and technical support, allows us to monitor very closely the changes needed and to respond expeditiously to meet those needs. In many situations, TK7 Products has developed prevention and maintenance programs for costumer’s specific applications which resulted in substantial long term savings and reduction in maintenance cost and break-down.


TK7 Products is a privately held distribution company located in Oklahoma City.  The manufacturing facilities consist of approximately five acres of land and approximately 30,000 square feet of industrial processing. The plant, laboratories and offices are located near Downtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A. It is centrally located near two major U.S. interstates (I-40 and I-35). There is ample room for production facility expansion on the existing land.

The production facility is modernized, which is essential in assuring manufacturing quality control. Each raw material is inspected and monitored, as well as each step of the manufacturing and filling process.

The plant has an easy and accessible loading rack for tanker loading, drum filling, and has a separate area for handling the filling of containers such as 1 gallon containers, 4-gallon product cases, and 55-gallon drums using automated filling equipment.

Since the plant is centrally located in the United States, it allows us to deliver products to customers within a relatively short time. Likewise, we are able to deliver to most international ports within one day (Houston, New-Orleans), and within 2-3 days to the U.S. coasts (Florida or California).


In addition to providing technical support for our products, we also provide specialty services to our customers. This includes assisting refineries and fuel terminals in designing automated dosing systems; fuel preservation programs, bacterial contamination handling which includes analysis of contamination level, treatment, prevention programs, and future fuel preservation programs and treatments.

In many situations, our technical staff will travel to the customer’s location and supervise the installation and/or treatment process. On site support, has proven, in many cases, not only to save the customer money, but also to dramatically reduce operation down-time. Better understanding of the customer’s needs, enables us to further research and develop newer or improved products, as well as developing prevention programs for future handling and use.


The company’s policy is to provide its customers with the best products and services available. To assure customers satisfaction, the company guarantees all its products, which includes full credit and/or refund. TK7 Products has never experienced such dissatisfaction; however, the company continues to offer all of its customers the “satisfaction guarantee” policy.


All of the TK7 products received the highest recognition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) by “falling” within the “Substantially Similar” category requirements. The products not only meet the EPA’s Substantially Similar category, but in fact, helps in reducing unhealthy emissions from engines and heavy equipment applications. All of the TK7 bulk products are registered with the U.S. EPA and meet the current regulation requirements.

The company keeps track of all new environmental studies as well as all modifications which are planned for the future. Such activities helps us understand the future market and enables us to conduct further research in achieving the new modification needs.


All TK7 fuel nanotechnologies offer multiple benefits. The base formulation for all of the products provide three main features:




Other compounds are added to certain products to provide additional benefits/features. In addition, each product’s base formula compounds are blended in different ratios to emphasize one (or two) benefit(s) as the main benefit(s), with the other compounds as secondary features. For example, the TK701, which is a Gasoline Bulk concentrated formula, contains a higher dosage of the detergent compounds so the additive can be used in a stronger dosage for bulk blending (desiring detergent effect as its main feature). Similarly, the diesel and fuel oil additives, in addition to the three main features, also contain pour point depressants (to lower the fuel gelling temperature) and biocide (to preserve the fuel, eliminate, and “kill” bacterial contamination).


The Bulk & Fleet Division manufactures two groups of products: The TK701 series for gasoline applications and the TK704 series for diesel and fuel oil application. The Bulk products are manufactured in a concentrated form, making it very economical and easy to blend with large volumes of fuel.

The Racing Division manufactures four different additives designed for the following racing engine’s application:



The aftermarket products are designed for use by the retail consumer. These products are packed in convenient sample kits and one gallon containers (economy pack).

In addition to the “standard” bulk products, TK7 Products’ Research and Development (“R&D”) Division designs and custom blends formulas to meet the bulk users’ specific requirements.

Also, TK7 Products’ R&D Division offers bulk customers additional services including field and laboratory testing.


The following are types of specific features and benefits that can be achieved with the use of the TK7 products.

IGNITION IMPROVER – The primary benefit is the improved firing and burn rate, which leads to improved fuel efficiency, restoring engine power, and improved cold starts.

OXYGEN AGITATOR – A catalyst that improves and releases additional oxygen and nitrogen during combustion.

METAL DEACTIVATO R – Prevents copper and other alloys from catalyzing the oxidation process and helps to eliminate the formation of gum deposits. The De-Activator surrounds the alloys (especially copper) and renders them inactive.

ANTI-OXIDANT – This feature stabilizes the base fuel, especially lower grade fuel or fuel that is processed with higher Olefinic materials from thermal or cat cracking processes.

CORROSION INHIBITOR – This compound forms a protective film which prevents water from contacting the metal or other alloy surfaces. It works extremely well on aluminum, copper, bronze and magnesium.

DEPOSIT CONTROL – This compound helps dissolve deposits & solids, promotes molecular balance, reduces knock & after-run caused by deposits in the base fuel.

INJECTOR & CARBURETOR CLEANER – A compound, which works by solvent action to hold deposits in solution so they do not plate out. This will result in a cleaner carburetor plate or fuel injector tips & ports resulting in an improved spray pattern.

DISPERSANT – Will absorb particles and keep them suspended with the base fuel.

ANTI-ICING – Improves pour point (fuel gelling) and prevents ice formation in the carburetor throat, throttle plate and fuel lines.

COLD FLOW IMPROVER – Retards wax and crystal formation so they do not restrict fuel flow.

GENERAL DETERGENTS – Immediately reacts with the base fuel to prevent varnish and lacquer build- up in the fuel system, valves and the entire combustion chamber area.

TOP CYLINDER LUBRICANT – This benefit is a result of the burning of the formulation during combustion. The by-product of this reaction is a form of synthetic lubricant that cushions the valves & valve seats, cylinder walls and rings. This lubricant helps reduce friction, overheating, and prevents carbon build up in the combustion chamber area.

BIOCIDE – Kills and eliminate future bacterial contamination including bacteria, fungi and yeast. (The Biocide is added mainly to diesel and fuel oil additives).

The continued use of the TK7 additives will help in reducing emission, reducing fuel consumption, and improving engine performance while reducing down time and maintenance.